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Tips on Coding / Technical Challenges

It is common for Software Engineers/Programmers/Developers to face a coding / technical challenge in recruitment processes. The challenge consists of programming assignments designed to exam…


Python + Elasticsearch

So you got lots of documents and need fast querying, huh? Or you have tons of data and need to process and extract metrics. Either way, Elasticsearch (ES) can be a powerful engine to help you index…

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The Agilist Programmer

A recent conversation with a friend brought up important aspects of software development. Some characteristics like constant feedback, short cycles and fast learning might drive your mind to think…


Remote Lifestyle

TL;DR It’s been three months working remotely and I want to share what I learnt from the perspective of a person that has never worked remotely before. — 2017 was a very though year but, as the saying…


Providing static files in your Django app with Amazon S3

It is well-known that Django does not provide static files. Using a WSGI Middleware to address the issue is not the right way to provide static files and, thus, this post show how you can do it using…

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Prepare your Django app to be deployed at Heroku

It is really exciting to build our own projects and see it working on production environment, right? Some developers might think deploying a Django app to a server is a nightmare. In this post I will…

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