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Scaling pods in Kubernetes cluster according to daypart

There are businesses that heavily rely on specific periods of day to make profit. Food ordering companies, for example, tend to have a heated operation during midday and the opposite behavior in other…


Kubernetes: my personal cheat sheet

If your infrastructure is comprised of a Kubernetes cluster you probably have a set of commands at hand for common tasks. Google doc provides a handy Cheat Sheet that you should have a look. However…


Getting Started with Recommender Systems: Part II

In the previous post I introduced the RecSys field and the levels of personalization. Today I will discuss about the recommendation pipeline and how it works. If you missed the other posts, check them…


Getting Started with Recommender Systems: Part I

I have been studying Recommender Systems (RecSys) for the past few months. Many topics are scattered in the Internet and I thought about condensating the main concepts into a series of blog posts. For…


Review: Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes

Particularly, I like the content produced by O’Reilly media and Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes is not an exception. After trying some books and courses I found a complete overview of Kubernetes…


Creating bulletproof command-line scripts

The life of a backend developer involves creating some scripts to be executed in the production environment. For instance, you might need to update many records at once, trigger events or fix a…


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