Review: Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes

Aug 04, 2019 1 min reading
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Attention: this post was written some time ago and may not be valid anymore, ok?

Particularly, I like the content produced by O’Reilly media and Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes is not an exception. After trying some books and courses I found a complete overview of Kubernetes in that material produced by John Arundel and Justin Domingus.

Cloud Native DevOps Kubernetes Applications

The authors have done wonderful work with this book by covering a wide range of topics. It starts with a general overview of the Cloud Revolution followed by the first steps with Kubernetes. Then, as you keep reading it gets to broad topics like Resource and Cluster Management, Pods Lifecycle, ConfigMaps and Secrets, Security and Backups, Helm, Continuous Deployment, Observability, Monitoring, Metrics, RBAC, etc.

Besides the topics aforementioned, the book is concerned with three aspects: (i) the best practices; (ii) the internal architecture of the platform; (iii) tooling. Whatever your level of expertise, definitely there is something useful to learn. That’s why you should take a look even if you consider yourself an advanced professional at the matter. Nonetheless, if you have advanced expertise with Kubernetes you might want to check other sources related to the specific topics you are interested in or to do a dynamic reading looking for the subjects you are not comfortable with.

You might be wondering if it is a theoretical or practical book. The authors have tried to balance between them by providing examples to follow along. However, I understand it is not possible to provide practical exercises for every topic and it is not even the goal of the book. Therefore, it is important for the reader to work out on that matter when it is suitable.