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From Jekyll to Gatsby

During the last few months I have been studying front-end development and migrating from Jekyll to Gatsby was one of my personal projects. For that reason alone I already considered the process…

Web Development

Point Alembic and SQLAlchemy to a different schema

A while ago I developed a backend project that used a shared instance of Postgres. If you use Flask, as I did, probably your migration layer is dealt by Alembic and the ORM of choice is SQLAlchemy…

Web Development

Review: Monolith to Microservices

Microservice has been a heated topic in the past few years and many reckless developers urge to migrate their legacy monoliths to that architecture. However, the process of breaking down databases and…


Nginx + Certbox straight to the point

Working in a team with no DevOps expertise forces you to manage to get things done regarding infrastructure. We had to install and configure a RabbitMQ instance behind a Nginx with HTTPS. This is a…


Quick tip: kubectx for easy switch between clusters

Depending on your company, maintaining more than one Kubernetes cluster can be quite usual. However, typing and to list the contexts and switch, respectively, (i) is boring, (ii) demands effort and…


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